It has been a crazy week!

Finally, I am all packed and completely out of my apartment and am now staying at my boyfriend’s house until we can move into the new place!! Only one more month to go! :] So that’s why I haven’t posted for a while, I have been extremely busy.

I don’t have ALL of my crafting supplies at my boyfriend’s house but I do have enough to get me by so I can still craft while I’m staying here. So, I figured now would be a good time to just post a bunch ofphotos of some cards I made this past week and a few from the week before that, that I hadn’t gotten around to posting yet. So I won’t go into any details about them really since I’m actually trying to get what supplies I do have here and organize so I can craft! -SQUEAL!-


The inside of this card reads “You’re Egg-cellent” I made this card today. My boyfriend made me breakfast in bed this morning and it was just really sweet of him considering he had to be into work so early :]




Two Mother’s Day cards.





This is the card I made for my boyfriend’s Mom to give her for Mother’s Day.




This card I created for my best friend Ashley. It is custom ordered for her Mom. She needed a Birthday/Mother’s Day card combined. The criteria she gave me was pink, blue and green pastels, daisies, and glitter :]





And this is just a fun card I made…I just love cute cards like this. :] I’m sure whoever receives this card will have a smile on their face when they read it.



Alright, I’m off to organize a little and get some crafting in! Hopefully I’ll be back later today with some more posts. I’m hoping to do some challenges since it’s been a while and I had SO much fun with the other challenges I did! 😀 ❤ ❤


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